Aroma oil massage

Aroma oil massage is a very relaxing and harmonizing procedure that uses 100% natural oils to which fragrance essences imported from Thailand are added.

Before the massage our customers can choose from several types of essences the one that is most pleasant to them. The masseur heats up the oil to a pleasant temperature and then applies it on the body. The massage has strong harmonizing effects. It is the optimal means for achieving the best physical fitness and well-being especially for customers who are regularly exposed to daily stress and hectic lifestyle.

Depending on the type of oil selected aroma oil massage is aromatherapeutic and physiotherapeutic. We currently offer several types of massage oils. Thanks to the concordance of classic massage grips and bio-ethereal oils, selected individually according to the actual physical and psychological state of each customer, aroma oil massage is a perfect relaxation and therapy.

Aroma oil massage engages the natural sense of the body perceiving the aroma of essential oils in the stress release process, improving mood and raising the overall good feeling. Yet aroma massage is not just about fragrances. It has a beneficial effect on the human body due to the penetration of active substances from fruit, plant or flower oils into the skin and subsequent absorption into the bloodstream. Our essential oils are obtained from natural products therefore the likelihood of allergic reactions is reduced to a minimum.

Aroma oil massage is available at our Thai Salon Chang in Marianske Lazne as a distinct procedure available in lengths of 60-90 minutes. Enjoy a wonderful relaxation with the accompaniment of pleasant music and the mesmerazing fragrance of your chosen essential oils, or let your closest ones be pampered and treat them with an aroma of oil massage as a wonderful gift.