Thai oil massage

Thai oil massage is a very relaxing and harmonizing procedure that is the best way to achieve the psychic and physical balance. Pure natural essential oils releasing aroma are used during the massage having a positive effect on the mind. Essential oils also have skin-rejuvenating effects. Absorbed medicinal etheric ingredients also work inside the body.

Before the massageyou can choose from a wide range of oils of various scents. Special aromatic oils are used for massage. Essences are changing regularly in our Thai salon. Currently we use following essences: rose, rose, lavender, wild cherry, vanilla and mandarin.

Thai oil massage features classic Thai massage and Indian Ayurvedic aspects. Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest treatments in the world. Thai oil massage, unlike traditional Thai massage, is performed by applying less pressure to individual points on the body. The massage is done with special oils heated to such a temperature as to be pleasantly warm during the entire time of the massage.

Thai oil massage has a beneficial effect on tired muscles bypampering them by gentle pressures and medicinal ingredients contained in essential oils.

Massage is done on the massage table, where the hands, legs and tips of the fingers are systematicallymassaged. Subsequently the top of the head through the neck to the back muscles which are greatly relaxed by this procedure. Thai oil massage is done until the body is completely relaxed.

Thai oil massage has beneficial effects on back and muscles pain and also helps with joint problems. It has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It strengthens the immune system and prevents all sorts of civilization diseases. It helps to maintain the harmony of the body and the spirit, and thus helps the body to regenerate.

The length of Thai oil massage in our Thai Salon Chang in Mariánské Lázně is sixty or ninety minutes. Choose one of the variants and let yourself to be seduced by the mesmerizing massage and leave as a rebirth individual.  Or devote the massage to your closest one as a wonderful gift.