Royal Herb Massage

Royal herb massage combines several massage techniques during the procedure. Massage is based primarily on the combination of classic Thai massage and relaxing oil massage with the addition of hot cloth bags placing to body points through which energy. The combination of these therapies results in anaccumulation of all their benefits and effects and the subsequent gradual relaxation of the whole body.

The Royal Herb Massage uses imported herbs and spices from Thailand. The herbs and spices are collected under the strictest conditions to emphasize their maximum beneficial and healing effects, while preserving the ecosystem and the scenic nature. Heat generated from the spice and herbal blends gradually penetrates the muscles, tendons and joints, where it effectively releases long-term build tension and relieves pain. This therapy helps to completely relax the body and gradually reduce stress.

Before the Royal Herb Massage begins, the Thai masseuse will stretch your whole body and warm up your muscles. Then your body will be pampered with relaxing aromatherapy oil massage from the feet to the neck. At the end of the Royal Herbal Massage the masseuse will place special cloth bags filled with traditional herbal blends and spices at various places on your body.This massage is not recommended for women in advanced pregnancy and people suffering from varicose veins.

Effects of Royal Herb Massage

  • long-lasting mental relaxation and stress reduction
  • strengthens and softens the skin
  • brings new energy to the whole body
  • relieves stiff muscles, tendons and joints
  • strengthens the nervous system

The Royal Herbal Massage is an imperial massage that even our most demanding clients enjoy. Come to our Thai Salon Chang in Mariánské Lázně and experience the healing power of herbs and spices in combination with the mysterious classic Thai massage.The relaxing effects of aromatherapy oil massage will bring you a blissful sense of relaxation and a good mood. Royal herb massage will also be a great gift for your closest ones.