Hot lava stone massage

Lava stone massage is one of the most enjoyable relaxing and playful massages. The masseuse places pleasantly heated lava stones on the body, puts them into the clients’s palms, on their feet, and between the toes. The body is also massaged by the stones. The masseuse also rattles with the stones during the massage to create a pleasant sound effect.

The extraordinaryity of the massage lies in the placing of hot lava stones on the body along with a combination of special massage with essential aromatic oils.

Lava stones are heated to a temperature between fifty and sixty degrees. They are applied to a variety of locations (energy centers) throughout the body. Into these centers the stones pass their heat and energy. Thanks to the warmth and energetic vibration of the stones, the blocks in the energy paths are disturbed. Your body gains the necessary equilibrium and harmony. Finally, the massage with smooth lava stones is done. This stimulates the blood flow in the body and strengthens the lymphatic system. Heat relaxes stiffened muscles and speeds up metabolism. This procedure leads to detoxification of the organism.

The lava stones massage has a beneficial effect on the skin which, thanks to the essential oils used, is supple, smooth and vital. Thanks to the detoxifying effects on the body, it helps to get rid off unwanted substances, has a slimming effect and significantly contributes to the removal of cellulite. Body warming and muscle relaxation helps to improve overall metabolism and health from and prevent variety of civilization diseases. However, massage is not recommended for women during pregnancy and for people suffering from varicose veins or people with cancerous or febrile illnesses.

You will love the lava stones massage already at the first visit to our Thai Salon Chang in Mariánské Lázně. If you do not know what to giveto your loved ones, give them a lava stone massage (sixty or ninety minutes) as a present.