Sports massage

Prepare your body to perform the best in sports with an intensive and regenerating sports massage. It doesn matter whether you are a professional or amateur athlete. Sports massage is of great importance for regeneration even after sporting performance and thanks to the beneficial effects of massage it prevents the occurrence of various damage that can happen to the body.

Sports massage is focused on muscles and muscle groups that are most stressed in specific sports performance. Massage helps with the acute need for muscle and skin relief. It stimulates the local lymphatic tract and helpreleasing waste substances and lactic acid from the muscles.

In addition, the sports massage stimulates the body’s blood flow, helping to oxygenate all the organs and tissues, affecting muscle tension and joint mobility. Massage through its effects can stimulate not only the muscles, but also the nervous system and psyche.

The Thai massage masseur uses a deeper grasp in a faster massage. Essential oils and special emulsions with Thai herbs are used for massage. While regular sporting activity the massage is recommended twice a week, for prevention 2x to 3 times a month. Due to its intensity sports massage is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with cancer or with infectious diseases or feverish illnesses.

Effects of sports massage

  • relieves pain of the musculoskeletal systemand improves body performance
  • increases the blood circulation in the skin and removes dead tissue
  • detoxifies the organism
  • it helps to regenerate muscles and tissues
  • it helps the body from feeling stiff
  • is an ideal complement to regular physical exercise and activity

If you are an active athlete, be pampered after a hard workout at our Thai Salon Chang in Mariánské Lázně, where we do 60 to 90 minute sports massages. Sports massage will also be a great gift for your closest ones.