Antistress massage

An anti-stress massage is perceived by our clients as an extraordinary massage, which can bring a blissful feeling of relaxation and alignment within a short moment. Get rid of the stress you’ve been exposed for days. Anti-stress massage has beneficial effects not only on mental health, but it can induce a feeling of balance even in a relationship, it can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It also acts as an extraordinary remedy for various pains caused by the everyday hectic way of life.

Thai anti-stress massage is recommended to all clients who come to our salon with a feeling of psychic exhaustion. Massage is the ideal way for the body and mind to indulge in the form of a pleasant massage with natural essential oils.

Paraffin oil with aromatic essences is heated to a pleasant temperature and then it comes to the massage itself. The entire procedure starts with cleaning of the feet. Consequently, a pleasant relaxation procedure continues on the back, with the shoulders, neck and head massaging. Massage takes place on the bed where the masseuse gets your body fully relaxed with soft and gentle hand movements. The purpose of anti-stress massage is to passthe best substanceson the body while freeing the mind from accumulated stress.

Oils that are used in the procedure contain a lot of vitamins and natural antioxidants. These substances protect your body from free radicals, help keep your skin firm, supple and soft. Mentioned substances significantly slow down the skin aging.

After the massage, you can enjoy green tea or water in our salon to enjoy the relaxed feeling for as long as possible.

Effects of antistress massage

 it creates a feeling of balance between body and mind

  • detoxifies the organism
  • eliminates long-term accumulated stress
  • increases blood circulation in the skin

Come to our Thai Salon Chang and get rid of the accumulated stress. After the massage you will feel like reborn! Do not leave this feeling just for yourself and buy a gift voucher for a sixty or ninety-minute Thai anti-stress massage for your partner.