Foot detox massage 60 min.

Thai Foot Detox Foot Massage is an incredibly intense and experiential procedure that has a significant health effect. Foot massage is very similar to the reflex lymphatic massage of the foot plate, suitably complements the reflex therapy of the foot and the locomotive apparatus. In Thailand, this massage is believed to maintain the physical and mental health. Massage can treat a variety of illnesses.

Foot detox foot massage is done with palms or a wooden peg. There are countless reflex points and zones on your feet which are stimulated by the compression and massage of the tibia, the toes, the bumps and the whole legs, and thus directly affect the internal organs. The massage further relieves the body of accumulated stress and affects the flow of energy throughout the body.

A detox foot massage will release your strained legs after a full day of standing on your feet. The reflex massage is suitable for pain or blockage of the cervical spine, back, joints and backbone disks, and also serves as a support for lymphatic drainage.

The essential oils used have a beneficial effect on the skin. The active ingredients contained in the oil leave the skin supple, flexible and soft. It treats a number of skin diseases, including cracking of the skin.

The effects of massage

  • Helps with malfunction of internal organs
  • Helps to unblock the cervical spine, treats back pain, pain of joints and spinal cord
  • Acts anti-inflammatory
  • Helps to detoxify the organism
  • Leaves the skin healthy and supple
  • Acts as an anti-stress therapy
  • Helps maintain mental and physical harmony

Come to our Thai Salon Chang in Marianske Lazne to experience the beneficial effects of detoxigying foot massage that lasts sixty minutes. Massage will relieve the long-term accumulated stress and strengthen the body. Foot massage will also be a great gift for your closest.